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Romeo Is Bleeding

Romeo Is Bleeding
reviewed by Greta Christina

Lord, have mercy. Spare us from filmmakers who think weird camera angles make for a deep, meaningful film. Romeo Is Bleeding is nice enough to look at, reasonably stylish in a kind of fakey, self-conscious, art-noir way, but has about as much substance as a Def Leppard video. I think the protagonist, Jack (Gary Oldman) is supposed to be some sort of cynical, tortured, morally bankrupt Beautiful Loser type. Personally, I found him to be mildly charming at best, dull as a rock at worst. (Film Noir Rule Number One: If your protagonist is an unsympathetic jerk, you damn well better make him/her pretty bloody interesting.) Also starring Annabella Sciorra as Hollywood Female Type A (Long-Suffering Faithful Martyred Wife), Juliette Lewis as Hollywood Female Type B (Doting Airhead Mistress), and Lena Olin as Hollywood Female Type C (Brilliant Sexy Psychopathic Villainess). Note to Hollywood: A little variety now and then would be nice, guys. How about a Brilliant Faithful Mistress, or a Long-Suffering Sexy Doting Psychopath, or even a Martyred Airhead Villainess? I'll pay to see it. I promise.

Copyright 1994 Greta Christina. Originally published in San Francisco Bay Times.


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