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Lover's Lane

Lover's Lane

Duple minor
Music: The Ash Grove
Greta Christina, 2001

A1 1-2: 1st woman does "box the gnat" turn with 1st man (join right hands, man turns woman under right arm to change places).
3-4: 1st woman repeat with 2nd man.
5-6: 1st woman repeat with 2nd woman, 1st woman turning under.
7-8: All turn single.

A2 1-2: 2nd woman "box the gnat" with 2nd man.
3-4: 2nd woman repeat with 1st man.
5-6: 2nd woman repeat with 1st woman, 2nd woman turning under.
7-8: All turn single.

B 1-2: 1st corners right-hand turn halfway to change places (see Note 1 below).
3-4 2nd corners repeat B 1-2.
5-6: Left-hand star (i.e., left-hands across) halfway, back to home.
7-8: All turn single.
9-12: Two changes of rights and lefts, with hands, starting with partner (see Note 2 below).
13-16: Partners two-hand turn once and a half to get proper.


1. At the corner crossings in B 1-4, corners do the right-hand turn in center of set, make eye contact, then fall back into corner's place. This is similar to a "hole-in-the-wall" crossing, but with hands.

2. At the changes of rights and lefts in B 9-12, the feel is similar to the corner crossings in B 1-4. Instead of "pulling by" or swirling around each other, dancers draw together for a moment (like Shaw siding but with hands), make eye contact, and then pass each other to the next place.

3. This dance is somewhat more interesting for the people dancing the womens' roles than the mens'. Therefore, if they like, partners may change roles when they're out at the top or the bottom. Dancers who do this may want to practice the "box the gnat" from the other position if they're not familiar with doing it both ways.

Anybody and everybody is completely welcome to teach, call, dance, and/or reproduce this dance in any way, as long as I get credited for writing it.


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