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Liberty Hall

Liberty Hall

Duple minor
Music: Liberty Bell March, J.P. Sousa (A and B parts only, not repeated - i.e., the Monty Python theme music part)
Greta Christina, 2001

A1-8: 2s right-hand turn two times. While this, 1s chase in clockwise circle around 2s (1st man pursuing 1st woman) one time back to home, skip-change or what you will.
9-16: Repeat, with1s turning right-hand two times and 2s chasing in clockwise circle around them, 2nd woman pursuing 2nd man.

B1-4: 1st corners back-to-back.
5-8: 2nd corners back to back.
9-10: 1s cast down, 2s lead up.
11-12: 2s cast down, 1s lead up.
13-14: 1s cast down, 2s lead up.
15-16: Clapping with partner: right, left, both..


The back-to-backs at B1-8 are somewhat quick, and the cast-and-leads at B 9-14 are quite quick. There's time, but they're not long, leisurely casts -- they need to be tight.

At B 15-16: The music will tell you when to clap. No, really. It's at the "bum, bum, bum" part of the music.

This is a very good dance for a mixed crowd of beginners and experienced dancers. It's pretty easy but not boring, there's a lot of room for play in the "pursuit," and everyone knows the music.

Anybody and everybody is completely welcome to teach, call, dance, and/or reproduce this dance in any way, as long as I get credited for writing it.


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