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Gavin's Fancy

Gavin's Fancy

Duple minor
Music: Not yet picked (32-bar waltz)
Greta Christina 2004

A 1-4: Women gypsy right once around.
5-8: Women left-hand turn once around.
9-16: Men repeat 1-8 above.

B1-4: All set to partners and turn single.
5-8: All left-hand star once around.
9-12: All partners right-hand turn once around. At end of turn, keep right hands joined; 1s face down while 2s face up.
13-16: With partners, all chassez twice, to the right and slightly forward diagonally, then chassez twice to the left and slightly forward diagonally, to move into progressed places.

Tip: At end of left-hand star, drop hands slightly early, to make it easier to move into right-hand turn with partner.

Note: This dance was written in honor of San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom, shortly after he initated the issuing of same-sex marriage licenses in San Francisco. I know there will be a temptation among some straight dance communities to convert the dance into a duple minor improper, but while I'm generally in favor of the folk process and support dances being tinkered with, in this case I'd like to ask callers to honor the intention behind the dance and not tinker with it in this way. Thanks.

Anybody and everybody is completely welcome to teach, call, dance, and/or reproduce this dance in any way, as long as I get credited for writing it.


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