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The Dwindling Party

The Dwindling Party

Four-couple square
Music: any 32-bar waltz
Greta Christina 2003

A1-4: Tops and bottoms set advancing, come face to face.
5-8: Tops and bottoms back to back with opposite, fall back to place.
9-16: Sides repeat A1-8.

B 1-8: Tops "go visiting": promenade counterclockwise around inside of set, bowing to each couple in turn (one bar to advance, one bar to bow), then return home on final two bars.
9-10: All bow to corner.
11-12: All bow to partner.
13-14: All promenade counterclockwise to next place in set.
15-16: EXCEPT for original top couple, all turn single in place. Original top couple for this round of the dance continues promenading around the outside of the set, moving below the bottom couple. They then take ballroom hold, and waltz around the set for the remainder of the dance -- essentially dropping out of the set.

Dance repeats four times, with new couple in top position. There will be an increasing number of empty places in the set as couples drop out; remaining couples continue to dance as if those couples were there, doing back-to-back, visiting, and bowing with "ghost" couples. Dance should then repeat one last fifth time, with all couples simply waltzing.

Notes: This is a very silly dance, good for relative beginners and experienced dancers who will appreciate the goofiness factor. It's mostly quite simple, but the last bit is just tricky enough to keep things interesting.

The promenade is probably easiest and most graceful if couple just take inside hands; but if people want to take cross-hand or some other fancy hold, I don't mind.

When getting into places before the dance, the top couple should be the one that's most experienced and happy with waltzing, as they will be doing a whole lot of it. The couple to their right should be the couple that's least experienced with waltzing.

Anybody and everybody is completely welcome to teach, call, dance, and/or reproduce this dance in any way, as long as I get credited for writing it.


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