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I've been writing commercial copy on a regular basis since 1996. I've mostly written product descriptions for catalogs (both paper and on-line), but I've also written email newsletters, buyers' guides, ad copy, video box cover copy, press releases, and more. I typically write in a clear, direct, often conversational style, but I can and do tailor my style to the style of the company. Here are some links to some of my on-line commercial copy.

Please note: Much of this copy was written for adult businesses, and while the copy itself isn't pornographic, some of it is sexual in nature. If you prefer to see the non-sexual stuff, stick with the pieces in the Last Gasp catalog.

Last Gasp is a publisher, distributor, and mail-order book and comic book company, specializing in alternative, small-press, and underground books and comics. I've been writing product descriptions and email newsletters for them since 2003. Here are some samples of my work for them:

American't 5: Mostly About Girls, Last Gasp product description
Brick Testament: Stories from the Book of Genesis, Last Gasp product description
Curtains: The Wonder of Life and the Mystery of Death, Last Gasp product description
Freaks: La Collezione Akimitsu Naruyama, Last Gasp product description
Juxtapoz #51, Last Gasp product description

Blowfish is a small mail-order sex products company, focusing on customers who are already familiar and comfortable with sex products, and taking a distinctively personal approach to their business. I was their lead buyer for about five years, and wrote product descriptions, buying guides, email newsletters, and other assorted copy for them from 1996 to 2002. Here are some samples of my work for them:

Dildo buying guide, Blowfish buying guide
Glass toys, Blowfish product care guide
Barbara Broadcast, Blowfish product description
The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Dating & Sex, Blowfish product description
Flex-O-Pleaser, Blowfish product description

Moonlight Toys is a new on-line sex products catalog, focusing on female customers who are newcomers or relative newcomers to sex product shopping. I've recently begun writing new product descriptions for their on-line catalog, in a freelance project begun in 2004. Here are some samples of my work for them:

Fukuoku 9000, Moonlight Toys product description
Hitachi Magic Wand, Moonlight Toys product description
WaterBoy, Moonlight Toys product description
Rocky Road Glass Shaft, Moonlight Toys product description


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