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I currently have two books you might want to know about: Bending, a novella in the newly-published three-novella collection Three Kinds of Asking For It from Simon & Schuster, and Paying For It: A Guide By Sex Workers for Their Clients, which was published by Greenery Press in 2004. Yay!

Three Kinds of Asking For It/Bending

Three Kinds of Asking For ItMy newest book, Bending, is out now! It's an erotic novella, edited by Susie Bright (editor of the Best American Erotica series) as part of a three-novella collection called Three Kinds of Asking For It. It's about a woman who is sexually obsessed with/fixated on/very very interested in being bent over. The story is sexy and funny (and pretty damn kinky), but it's also serious, an exploration of obsession and what happens when you finally get enough of the thing you've been craving. Unlike a lot of serious "plot and character" smut that alternates between sex scenes and plot, the character development and plot in this story are woven into the sex. In fact, except for a sentence here and a paragraph there, the entire story consists of people either having sex, talking about sex, or thinking about sex.

To give you an idea of what my story is like, here's an excerpt from the book. You can buy it at Powells, at your local bookstore, or at Amazon if you absolutely must.

My novella isn't the only one in the book. There are two others: they're very different (both from mine and from each other), and they both kick ass. "Jodi K." by Jill Soloway (writer/co-producer of Six Feet Under) beautifully captures the voice of a fourteen-year-old suburban girl with a fierce sexual crush on her best friend's father. It has less actual sex in it than most erotica, but it's no less erotic for that; it's full of longing and desire, and it does a masterful job of capturing that teenaged feeling of wanting sex without knowing how to get it -- as well as the all-ages feeling of wanting to be desired without wanting to be an object. And Eric Albert's "Charmed, I'm Sure" is wickedly funny, voraciously hot, and gently but relentlessly thought-provoking. The story of a man who gets a magical "sex with anyone you want for a day" wish, it's like a case study in figuring out what you really want by getting what you think you want -- and having it not turn out the way you hoped.

Here are some nice things people have said about Three Kinds of Asking For It (and about my piece of it):

"Greta Christina's Bending... is a surprisingly moving odyssey of exhaustiveness and exhaustion." -Kirkus Review

"A smart and delicious trio of erotic novellas -- a must-read in bed with towel near by. I've been a long-time fan of Greta Christina's writing, and here she is at her very best -- and in excellent company. I was inspired, and perspired." -Annie Sprinkle, PhD., author of Dr. Sprinkle's Spectacular Sex -- Make Over Your Love Life and Annie Sprinkle: Post-Porn Modernist

"Who needs a beach for this summer treat? Bright's imprimatur guarantees heat sufficient to melt an ice floe. As her editorial picks generally do, these novellas deliver not just heat but laughter, poignancy and even the occasional deep thought. "The world is full of emptiness; without it there'd be nothing left": thus does a witch console a client left empty after a phenomenal sex spree in Albert's "Charmed I'm Sure." And so it goes with Christina's heroine, Dallas, whose obsession is the eponymous "Bending." When an Internet find, Betsy, arrives to fulfill Dallas's submissive fantasies, it's "the best thing, ever"-except instead of satisfying Dallas, it seems to rob her of her defining passion. Clever Bright saves dessert for last: Soloway's hilarious and sweetly lubricious confessions of 14-year-old Jodi, who has a mad crush on her best friend's father. Written in teen talk, "Jodi K" sometimes has the awkwardness of a translation. But it's enriched by fully realized portraits of family function and dysfunction, and even while sending up teenage erotic confessionals, it feels written from the heart as well as other regions of the body." -Publisher's Weekly

"Bending is amazing. Kept me from sleeping. Truly brilliant." -Cleo Dubois, Cleo Dubois Academy of S/M Arts, and producer of Tie Me Up! and The Pain Game

"Intense, unjudgmental, hilarious and wise." -Alan Ball, creator of Six Feet Under, screenwriter and co-producer of American Beauty

"These inventive stories prove once and for all that great storytelling can be the engine of sexiness. Clever, revealing and surprising -- these novellas excite the imagination as well as the libido." -Charlie Anders, author of Choir Boy and The Lazy Crossdresser, and co-editor of Other Magazine

"Three Kinds of Asking For It is the perfect book for intellectual sex freaks. Each are different, all are sexual. Even the ones I thought were disgusting aroused me wildly." -Sarah Silverman, comedian, screenwriter, Funny Ladies, Saturday Night Live

"This is not a good book, or even a great book, but rather is an excellent book. The writers here have managed the near-impossible by presenting stories that are not just touching, amusing, amazing, evocative or poignant but also powerfully erotic. I cannot recommend it too highly!" -M. Christian, author of Dirty Words, Speaking Parts, The Bachelor Machine, and the upcoming Running Dry

"Be careful what you wish for! In these stories, the monkey's paw definitely gets its fingers burned. There's food here for your mind and your body, literary and pornographic. I know I'll find myself thinking much more about these stories as soon as I get through buzzing off. Good reading, and guaranteed intelligent fun." -Dossie Easton, co-author, The Ethical Slut

"Everything you wished for and more; a delightful menage a trois. Albert, Christina, and Soloway position themselves in the forefront of contemporary erotica -- and every other which way as well. Hot and licking good fun!" -Lawrence Paros, author, Bawdy Language: Everything You Always Wanted To Do But Were Afraid to Say

"Explicit, unapologetic, and just plain hot as your basic sleazy storefront porn, with writing as deft, hip, breezy, funny and original as the latest issue of McSweeney's. There's a fearlessness that goes way beyond ordinary porn, that -- like the central character in Greta Christina's Bending -- is unafraid to ask what goes on beyond the obvious, beyond the commonplace." -J. Raoul Brody, composer, and founding member of Those Darn Accordions! and The STUPEDS

"Here are three sexy stories for the cooler crowd who can read. Eric Albert's Charmed, I'm Sure is every schoolboy's fantasy of a Bewitched episode fused with a wet dream. It's a fun and filthy yarn about the ultimate 'licence to do the nasty' to whoever, whenever. Greta Christina shows off her writing skills in Bending. She endears the reader to her character Dallas, no matter how many weird things she shoves up her butt (the character's butt, not Greta's). The trilogy tops off with Jill Soloway's fun read about a girl coming of age, completing three hip stories that one might refer to as "neo-erotica." -KRK Ryden, artist/musician

"In Three Kinds of Asking For It, Susie Bright captures us in a trio of wickedly witty, tightly woven webs of erotic request. When released, the reader is sure to ask -- for more." -Kathleen E. Morris, author of Speaking In Whispers: Lesbian African-American Erotica, founder of The Erotic Pen Writing Workshops

"Eric, Greta, and Jill have crafted a delicious treat with delectable characters." -Kim Airs, Proprietrix, Grand Opening! Sexuality Boutique

"Bending is a fascinating journey deep into one woman's very particular kink -- and out the other side. It got me off and made me think. That's all we can ever ask of sex writing." -Jennifer Hunter, author, Rites of Pleasure: Sexuality in Wicca and NeoPaganism

"Sex is messy, enchanting, perverse and wondrous -- so is this collection. I dare you not to cringe in places, and I double-dare you not to be aroused." -Phil "Satyrblade" Brucato, writer, New Witch magazine, Cult of Ecstasy

Paying For It: A Guide By Sex Workers for Their Clients

Paying For ItMy first book is Paying For It: A Guide by Sex Workers for Their Clients, which I edited for Greenery Press and which came out in 2004. It's a book of advice for sex work customers, written by sex workers and former sex workers, about how to treat sex workers so they like you more and give you better service. The contributors include Nina Hartley, Annie Sprinkle, Carol Queen, Vic St. Blaise, Matt Bernstein Sycamore, Mistress Morgana, Cleo Dubois, Magdalene Meretrix, and many more. They include women and men: strippers, prostitutes, pro dominants and submissives, phone sex workers, Internet sex workers, and types of sex work that you might not even have thought of as sex work. If you ever spend money and time with sex workers, this book will help you have a much better time with them. Even if you don't, it's a fun and interesting read, with an entertaining variety of perspectives and opinions, and a unique insight into what it's like to be a sex worker. Paying For It has been cited in Savage Love, the Playboy Advisor, and the Village Voice, and was named Best Book of the Year by Eye Magazine's sex advice columnist, Sasha.

The book was published by Greenery Press in July of 2004. Here's an excerpt from the introduction. If you like it, go buy the book. You can order it from Powell's (or Amazon if you must). Here are some nice things people have said about it:

"If you're a sex work customer, this book will be life-changingly useful. If you're not, it'll just be entertaining and enlightening. Funny, smart, and both blunt and kind, it gives customers a hefty dose of practical advice on how to make their sex work encounters more pleasant and fun. And it gives the rest of us a unique insight into the nuts and bolts of the sex industry." -Susie Bright, editor of the Best American Erotica series and author of Mommy's Little Girl, How to Write a Dirty Story, and more

"One of the best sex guides I've ever read." -Betty Dodson, sex educator and author of Sex for One and Orgasms for Two

"Smart, sane, and fun to read, Paying For It takes the guesswork out of being the ideal client. A boon to buyer and provider alike." - Lily Burana, author of Strip City

"Best book of the year!... For anyone who has ever been curious about purchasing any type of sexual service or is just plain curious to read a sex worker's perspective on their work, you must buy the book Paying For It, edited by the brilliant Greta Christina. It's a great combination of tales from both down-to-earth sex workers and intersexuals (also known as wackademics), and a must for anyone who wants to know how to be a better client. As Christina says, 'If you want a purely selfish reason for treating sex workers well, I've got a great one for you. Sex work is like any other service industry: if the people providing the service like you, you're a lot more likely to get much better service.'" -Sasha, Eye Magazine (Toronto's weekly newspaper)

"Paying For It is a wonderfully entertaining and thoughtful work for anyone who engages the services of sex workers. The book is an honest and informative collection of 34 essays from 26 different men and women in the sex industry. Filled with humorous insightful and sensitive essays, the contributors' words provide the missing link between the sex worker and the customer. Useful pieces of information regarding all aspects of the trade are disclosed. These range from basics such as lessons in good hygene and tipping to the more obscure aspects of explaining kinky fetishes and how to be natural with a she-man." -Hugh Loebner, sponsor of the Loebner Prize for Artificial Intelligence, acknowledged sex work customer, and sex work activist

"Excellent! If you've ever wanted to know exactly how to make your next visit to a sex professional an even more pleasant experience, or just want to know more about the business, this book is for you: insightful and witty essays, thoughtful articles, and heaps and gobs of useful information. It's well worth paying for -- like all the sexy and smart people in its pages. Highly recommended!" -M. Christian, author of Dirty Words, Speaking Parts, The Bachelor Machine, and the upcoming Running Dry

"Paying For It brings the common sense of Miss Manners to the confused and confusing business of exchanging sex for money. Sex workers (honorable human beings) talk directly to their clients (honorable human beings) about the complex simplicity of engaging each other with mutual respect and appreciation. A valuable practical guide, and an important contribution to the movement to legitimize sex work in all its many forms." -David Steinberg, author/editor of Photo Sex and Erotic By Nature and editor of The Erotic Impulse

"Paying For It surprisingly richens into a provocative political manifesto from a labor class that's both highly in demand and universally scorned, even by its own clients. A put-yourself-in-somebody-else's-shoes book, it's also a guide to maximizing your purchasing power, should you, someday, decide to patronize somebody like one of the sterling contributors on hand. You won't only be affirming their humanity; you'll be making sure you have a hell of a good time." -Gary Meyer, Clean Sheets

"This is a smart book. It's to the point while being thorough. It's not comedy or horror, just a self-help book of another breed all together... For all of you who've ever wondered how to put a smile on the face of your prostitute, escort, stripper, or street wise ambassador of the blow job; there is finally a book for you. Paying For It gets its priceless words of wisdom from diverse and experienced sex workers all over the country in every corner of the industry. Men and woman lay it all out there, so that you, the customer can get the best bang for your buck." -Blue Food

"I LOVED the book and think it is an idea whose time is long overdue! I wish I had had a copy of it to give my clients when I was still working!" -Norma Jean Almodovar, prostitute activist, retired prostitute, and Libertarian candidate for Lieutenant Governor of California

"An honest earful (and a naughty peek into) the dramas of dealing with clients in the sex industry -- with a shameless agenda to make time in the trade more just, more lucrative, and maybe more hot for clients and workers both." - Melissa Gira,

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